I am specialized in dynamic and interactive audio and familiar with techniques such as procedural generation. I love to challenge myself working on projects, from breathing life into games to composing music.

For my complete game audio portfolio click here.

An emotional, story-driven puzzle adventure created with Unity and FMOD.

My bachelor project, where I developed a music system in Wwise that uses aleatoric techniques to produce a generative soundtrack.

A project where I explored the immersive effect of sound and music in games, created in Unity and Wwise.

A prototype for a point and click adventure with generative music, made in Unity and FMOD.

A project where I explored the development of advanced dynamic music systems in Unity and Wwise.

A fun, skillbased minigame brought to life through audio design, created in Unity and Wwise.

I would love to hear about your project and help you achieve your vision with sound.

Original music

Ariake (2022)
Far Lands (2021)